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Anarchy Online's 12-Year Anniversary

Genele here, bringing you an update about this year's birthday celebrations!

The forum post can be read here.

Happy Birthday Anarchy Online!

First I would like to thank you all for staying with us during our 12 years on Rubi-Ka. It has been an amazing ride from the launch to this date and I am happy to give you an overview of this year's anniversary celebrations starting the 27th of June!


Celebration Offer

As part of this year's celebration, have a special offer. If you buy or extend your membership by 3, 6 or 12 months, you will receive 50% more game time. As a part of this offer, you will also obtain the Dust Brigade Parasite Helmet. This offer will be available from Monday the 24th of June to Monday the 8th of July.


Borealis Events

Join the rebel clans in their fight for freedom or help Omni-Tek defend their position and presence in Borealis. A unique set of events will take place in Borealis during our birthday celebrations, so make sure you don't miss them! 2 weeks after the 27th of June we will patch the servers with changes to Borealis.

In 18.7 further changes will be made to indicate that time has passed since these events took place.


The Desert Nomads are back!

No birthday without the crazy woman controlling the entertainment! "The Tinker" is back in Newland Desert and is ready to make large and explosive gifts for her favorite enemy, "The Desert Rider". Join her in her madness and take out the many "Desert Nomads" to find parts for the many gifts she wants to make. The "Desert Nomads" will be located in Newland Desert, Mort, Perpetual Wastelands and Broken Shores.

Unlike the last year, "The Tinker" will reward you for your efforts. Especially if you walk the extra mile to get her the items she needs. The "Vacuum Packed Desert Nomad Armor" will be yours if you help her collect 250 items. She is also a bit less greedy and will complete a gift with only 500 items this year.



Itemshop News

Everyone will be able to claim the "Ganimedes Personal Jetpack" from the Itemshop for free, but this year we have also added a little gift for all our subscribing customers. "Nano Crystal (Balloons)" will be free to claim for all our subscribers.



Fashion News

Levika's Fashion has made another Play Costume for this year’s celebration featuring outfits for fine dining. Though some would claim these outfits are better used at home in your own bedroom.

Anniversary Loot

This year we have decided to re-introduce many of the previous year's birthday items. They can be found on the "Desert Nomads" and the "Fanatic Desert Nomads". Good luck finding some of the old school goodies, their drop chance is a bit lower than the newer items.



I hope all of you will have loads of fun during this year’s celebrations!


- Genele