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Version 18.4 Release Notes

These are the release notes for the 18.4 update. Including the 18.4.1 - 18.4.7 update.

18.4 Release Notes

18.4.0 Release Notes

General Changes

  • Anarchy Online no longer supports versions of Windows earlier than Windows XP.
  • The Anarchy Online in-game store is now available.
  • All "Service Points" have now been converted to "Funcom Points". The conversion rate is 1.2, meaning if you had 1000 Service Points, you now have 1200 Funcom Points. The cost of all services has been updated to reflect this change. Phasefront Points (IE: points already transferred in-game) are not affected by this change.
  • The amount of points you receive with your gametime has been changed. Accounts now receive 60 points for 1 month, 300 points for 3 months, 600 points for 6 months and 1440 points for 12 months.
  • New input system is now available. All keys should now be bindable/customizable through the "binds" tab in the F10 options menu.
  • Timers are now available for all temporary items (ie: Grid Armor). Tool tip and Shift+Click will display the item time remaining.
  • New slider in the Tradeskill window to control the level of the result of the tradeskill.
  • It is now possible to lock individual items in the Character Wear window.
  • Enabling/disabling sound options no longer requires the character to zone or relog to notice applied changes.
  • Basic OFAB Armor is no longer no-drop - Improved/Penultimate OFAB is still no-drop. Vendors are still only accessible by profession.
  • Nano Icons and NCU icons are now color coded to make it easier to determine their nature at a quick glance.
  • Nano Icons should now display at their correct resolutions in the Programs window and on Shortcut bars.
  • Social Tab can no longer be enabled or equipped to during combat.
  • XP gained with the "XP Gain Disabled" option enabled should now be added to XP pool.
  • Terminating now adds your current unsaved XP to your XP pool.
  • Backpacks looted from monster remains should now be usable as containers for items.
  • Characters should no longer become stuck in "walk mode" after dying and returning to a SL save area.
  • The "You already have this unique item" message should now include the name of the unique item in question.
  • Signet of the Apocalypse/HHAB rings once again should protect from environmental damage while under resurrection sickness.
  • "Veteran Healing Laboratory" changed to heal a percentage of a character's health; now works off of a separate skilllock timer from regular treatment labs.
  • New "Veteran Nano Recharger" added to the Veteran vendor.
  • New option "Fixed Pet Buttons" in the pet window to lock selection of pets to specific keys and ignore pet spawn order.
  • Added support for automatic renaming of pets on respawn.
  • Right clicking in the loot window should no longer loot the item.
  • Fixed several exploits. 


Alien Daily Mission Changes

  • The Artifact no longer has a chance of spawning in the Blazing Flames in the "Salvage" Alien daily mission.
  • The Ammunition for the "Give Ammo to Labbe" daily mission should now respawn in random locations in the vicinity of the crashed ship every 5-10 seconds.
  • Adjustments made to select aliens inside Alien Daily mission instances.
  • Cocoon Terminator can now be purchased from the agency store.
  • Agency HQ teleport to Unicorn Outpost can now be used for Missions in the LoX areas.
  • Sector 7 Rufus should stand and move correctly when this action is triggered.
  • Many other small adjustments for a smoother Alien Daily Mission experience.

18.4.1 Release Notes

  • All "movement" bound keys have been reset and will have to be re-bound by users.
  • In chat window alt+arrows now move cursor, alt+shift+arrows selects text and arrows steer character. In other text input modes (ie: GMS fields, Mail), arrows move cursor, shift+arrows selects text and alt+arrows steer character.
  • Mouse scroll-wheel should once again work for affected users.
  • Fixed some rendering issues for ATI/AMD users.
  • Ctrl+Tab should once again change channels in the chat.
  • Alt+Enter should once again switch between chat windows.
  • Hitting the "esc" key with text selected should no longer crash the client.
  • Copy and Pasting should once again work as intended.
  • Added a chat "/open itemstore" command.
  • Corrected "stuttering" when using RMB to adjust camera.
  • Improved and fixed Key Bind systems.
  • Viewing certain item descriptions should no longer crash the client.
  • Free players should once again be able to obtain the Battlestation Daily Mission.
  • Some items broken in the previous version will once again correctly display their bonuses and requirements.
  • Adjusted difficulty in some high-level Alien Daily missions.
  • Corrected several reported daily mission issues. 

18.4.2 Release Notes

  • The Holiday Season is here and Santa Leet and his friends will be "present" to share the phatz of the season!
  • Camera Sensitivity should now be the same for both X and Y axis in first person.
  • Stabilized framerate for people who move the mouse "really fast".
  • Daily mission Aliens adjusted again for more challenge between level 195 and 220.
  • Weapon parts for an Alien Daily mission should no longer spawn inside a wall in Sector 10.
 18.4.3 Release Notes
  • 151-174 and 175-214 Battle Station level ranges adjusted: New ranges are 151-200 and 201-214.
  • Key binding for mouse buttons is now enabled.
  • Using the scrollwheel while moving the mouse should no longer cause issues for some users.
  • Dust Brigade Security Codes will now use skill-lock rather than a blocker-nano to govern how often it can be used.
  • More items have received new Docaholic produced icons.
  • Items not intended to be available in-game are now only social in nature with no modifiers.
  • Fixed a few exploits.

Daily Missions: Solo Daily Mission Aliens Tweaks.
  • Decreased the health, nano resist, and increased vulnerability to crowd control-tools on level 195+ Aliens.
  • Decreased the attack rating of some level 220+ Aliens.

Daily Missions: One Green Hill / One Foggy Hill
  • The Ottous Bulk and the Enigma Sprout will no longer do damage meaning they can no longer steal kill credit while you're running the mission
  • The normal damage and the critical hits of the Ferocious Ottous has been reduced
  • The aggressive behaviour of the Ferocious Ottous and the Dark Enigma has been adjusted, making them more prone to initiate fight with the Ottous Bulk / Dark Enigma 


18.4.4 Release Notes


  • Ignored users can no longer invite you to private chat channels.
  • Users should no longer crash when modifying text in an input box (ie: adjusting a price in a player shop.)
  • Over-Equiped items will no longer be indicated in inspect functionality of other player's gear.
  • More Docaholic icon shinyness
  • Removed a serious exploit.
18.4.5 Release Notes 
  • Shades are now able to use many, many items they were unable to use before.
  • New advertising system is now live but should function exactly as before.
  • New icons added to many items and nanos.
  • Players below level 150 who are progressing through the Elysium Civilization Quest Line should no longer become stuck in said quest line if levelling above 150 while on the chain.
The following items may now be tradeskilled with a screwdriver to allow the item to be placed in your character's shoulder slots:
  • Captain Enno's Pirate Parrot
  • Floating Angel
  • Floating Devil
  • Rollerrat Balloon
Known Issues
  • Players experiencing difficulties logging in should delete their "DXDiagOutput.txt" file from their Anarchy Online client install directory. 
18.4.6 Release Notes  
Tenth Anniversary Celebrations!
The 10th Anniversary is here! Join the festivities and watch out for the Desert Nomads!
Parts of the Anniversary Sauna building are once again available to the brave.

General Changes
  • Battlestations have updated collision and a new faster transportation system for easier access to Control Points.
  • Being killed by an alien should no longer result in the loss of AXP.
  • Duels can no longer be rejected after the duel begins.
  • Redeemed Gilthar should now have the same drop chances as Unredeemed Dalja

Item Changes
  • It will be possible to level Morphing Memory DOWN as well as up depending on what it is possible for your character to equip.
  • Many original new icons have been added to old items.
  • Thongs should no longer have green pixels around them on some character models.
  • Subdued Flow of Novictum is no longer a Unique item.
  • The Holiday Hovering Lantern may now be tradeskilled to wear in your shoulder slot
  • Bracer of Focused Concentration now adds Defense modifier instead of projectile damage modifier for higher QL of the item.
  • Power of the Mind no longer has an equipment delay and will add max health and nano instead of the nano damage modifier that only affects weapons dealing nano damage.
  • Power of the Muscle no longer has an equipment delay and will now buff max health instead of body development like the other AI bracers.
  • Shadowbreed items (ie: Lighter Side etc) should no longer vanish if used when you not meet criteria to upload the Shadowbreed.

Quests & Daily Missions Changes
  • Elite Daily Mission: Mantis Hive II - will now give the full reward after the fourth step...bonus XP can be received by completing the rest of the mission chain and defeating the Mantis Queen.
  • Elite Daily Mission: Hollow Island - will now give a full daily mission reward for killing 9 of the 10 Brood Champions. (previously required all 10.)
  • Scheol Questline - Knowledge of the Yuttos will now give an appropriate level reward to Shades. Players who have already completed this mission can speak with Vanward Four to get the correct level Necklace (level 150).
  • It should no longer be possible to jump and the wrong time and block the removal of the Prototype Formula required for completing a daily mission.
  • Leveling up should no longer cause mission chains to get stuck in Elysium mission lines.
  • Nascence Key quest should now properly be obtainable only once. 
18.4.7 Release Notes   
  • Resolution of the Mission and Corpse ID database issue that caused unplanned downtime on Atlantean on June 21st, 2011. There should now be 10 more years worth of missions and corpses on both dimensions.