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Friday with Means - May 13th, 2011: Friday the 13th?

Means shares some news about the new engine, new interns and spring in Montreal.

Some weeks there will be more to say than others.  While the No-Shade item changes and advertising system look good and might possibly hit the live servers next week there has not been anything "spectacular" or particularly noteworthy this week here in Montreal.

The engine work is going well as the version now being taken from Conan is now STABLE and no further major changes are oing to be made in this area (I'm sure there will be small tweaks and additions...but we will get those too).  So it has been great for the team to go through the process of "merging" up to the latest Cheetah version for probably the last while in a long time.  Once this is done we can get some more help from the main rendering team to sort out some old persistent issues with shadows, water and grass...all not particularly important to game-play but certainly important to someone who wants to make a video...

Next week another intern will be joining the team, "Cube" on the forums.  I'm sure most of you have seen his AO videos before..but here they are again for those who somehow missed out.

It will be great to get him here.  I can't wait to see what he puts together for the preview of the new engine.

Work is progressing well on a big pile of new items and encounters for the birthday.  The artists are outdoing themselves this year.  I'm also hoping for the next big addition of daily missions and Pandemonium to make it out for the Birthday.

Many things on the go as usual.

Everyone have a great weekend...we finally have proper spring here in Montreal.  I might even go OUTSIDE.

Colin "Means" Cragg

Game Director, Anarchy Online