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Friday with Means - September 10th, 2010: How many people are coming here???!?!

This week, Means takes some time away from preparing for the throng of players heading to the Funcom offices to drop some information about the new account merger and character transfer features for Anarchy Online!

The Funcom Offices are 100% Suppression Gas!

This week has been a mad scramble as we are trying to prepare for an unexpected onslaught of players visiting the office this weekend. We really had no idea that this many people were interested in dropping by to see our little group and perhaps get a sneak peek at some of the stuff we are working on. There actually isn't anywhere in this building that will accomodate this number of people comfortably...but we are going to do everything we can to make it an enjoyable and informative trip for everyone. At least (barring technical disasters) some people will get a sneak peek at the new engine version of Borealis...and leave here with some fun AO swag.

For those who are unable to attend the Q&A session we will be filming the session and uploading it for everyone to watch sometime during the week...unfortunately we will not be filming the evening in the Pub...but I will be trying to take some pics.

Merging Accounts and Transfering of Characters - Now available

We made this service available early this week without really announcing it...being somewhat wary of little issues that might pop up. With a couple small issues gone (paid points not transferring correctly..and a couple others) it seems stable and ready for general use.


Merging of Accounts : Combine accounts under one master account. Accounts get the maximum Veteran Points available to both accounts. Paid points are added together under one total. Paid points transferred into game remain the same by account. Price: Free for now

Will be a 500 Paid Point service in the future...but as so many people are currently playing on accounts where it was not an option to create sub-accounts at the time this will be free for the forseable future until we feel our veteran players have had a chance to combine their accounts without additional cost.

Transfer Characters Between Merged Accounts: Move a character from one account to another account under the same "master" account. Subscription to each account remains independant of the master account. Price: 1000 Paid Points

This is again a special price to start things out and it will be increased to 2000 points in the near future. The startup deal is again for our veterans to move characters at a discounted price before it becomes a regular service headed into the future. Leet Pet nanos will be fixed to work on destination accounts that do not have them. Luxury apartments will unfortunately have to be purchased on destination accounts to work. The Westerlund Lounger should already work on these accounts if the Nano is already uploaded.

I have a lot of chairs to move!

Have a great'll see some of mine in pics and video soon

ps. Mastablasta is here now! I think I was more excited than he was
Colin "Means" Cragg
Game Director, Anarchy Online
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