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Friday with Means - July 30th, 2010: Go Go Community!

A slew of little tidbits from the Main Man this week, including some awesome news from the community and information on next week's update!

It isn't enough that we have one guy creating great new icons for us at the moment (Thanks Doc!) faster than we can implement them..but now you guys are helping us out with a badly needed upgrade to the default AO planetmap. Onack has supplied us with a "spoiler free" version of the map that all of you have been using for years (tweaked based on suggestions from all of you) that we are hoping to get in as the default map as soon as humanly possible. Demoder spent some time this morning helping me get a working version running internally here...and this should also take care of the little "Three Craters" issue with the GMS we have been having since the release of these playfields. If you haven't seen Demoder's tower war tracker site yet it is definitely worth a look:

So again...Go community GO! It feels great to be working with such a big team This felt like a very good day.

In regards to further balance work, the "Enforcer" proposed changes are being released to the Professionals for a first look today. This represents some more significant changes to the profession and we hope to work through the feedback from the professionals over the next couple weeks. There will not be a different profession released next Friday simply because Genele will be enjoying a spreadsheet free week of well deserved vacation.

I am sorry that the release of the "Mystery Building" has taken as long as it has. We had some significant problems getting it to work correctly (not floating...doors working etc) as no new buildings had been added for many years and the documentation of these systems left a little to be desired. However..with ever cloud having a silver lining this delay gave Kintaii a chance to get the new open PvP playfield in a state ready for initial testing and we will be running some "event" type testing of this playfield on the live dimensions starting with the release of this update THIS WEEK. Possibly Tuesday but more likely Wednesday. This update will also include further tweaks to some of the daily instanced missions to make them scale *perfectly*. This update will also include new code to prevent friendly auras/aoe's from affecting your opponent in duels.

I am sorry that I don't remember specifically who asked me about a particular helmet being "not Shade" this week. As a team we have decided the "not Shade" tag is bad and will be removed from pretty much everything...ok..actually everything. There used to be some reason for it...but it stopped being valid a long time ago.

Have a great weekend!

Colin "Means" Cragg

Game Director, Anarchy Online


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