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Historical meeting between leaders

Henry Radiman and Philip Ross meet face to face for the first time, at the Omni-Tek Corporation's headquarters in the capital city.

A TAG Editorial

So now we have to deal with the Council of Truth and Omni-Tek getting all friendly and informal on us. Thereís nothing to put the gag-reflex into action quicker than the image of Philip Ross and Henry Radiman with the smilies and the handshakes, the "good to see you, Henry" and the "same to you, Phil, howís the wife and kids?", and the arms-joined-in-joyful-celebration shtick. Thereís something powerfully homoerotic about those two ancient geezers having a tÍte-ŗ-tÍte in Omni-1; an antiquated representation of a chummy male-dominated political system which, when it comes down to it, is remarkably analogous on either side of the fence: For the Council of Truth and Omni-Tek both, itís mostly about image.

TAG isnít against peace. Donít misunderstand me. We welcome peace with open arms. We donít want to see another war tearing Rubi-Ka apart at the fragile seams. The last few years of relative quiet have been the most productive and constructive in memory.

But still, thereís something disconcerting and almost disturbing about witnessing the slow and inevitable process of dťtente that weíre now witnessing Ė like the first act of a play that you know will, eventually, turn into a bloody tragedy. You feel as though someoneís being led to the slaughterhouse, but itís not really clear who, or how Ė itís an uncertain certainty.

Weíre not in the business of scandals or disasters, as some keep suggesting. We donít hope for the worst so that we can write up a sensationalist report and cash in on the traffic. We have families. We have homes. We have jobs that would be in jeopardy were one side to rule unchecked on Rubi-Ka. We depend on political stability through equal but opposite ideologies in constant dialogue. We would, in fact, benefit greatly from improved political relations and a restructured governing body on Rubi-Ka.

And if this truly is it: if this truly is the beginning of something lasting and solid, the foundation for a bipartisan Rubi-Ka government, TAG will be first in line to offer our support. But weíll also be first in line to criticise Radiman and Ross if they appear to playing a more dangerous game; one of political camaraderie, I-rub-your-back-if-you-rub-mine (inside or outside the closet), a game of false fronts and big grins. A game of peace.

Because if it is a game, itís one where every player is a loser. Our history is a bloody one. We hope, wish, and pray for peace. But we donít want peace to come with a price tag none of us can afford. We donít want the ancient gentlemen to sell us down the river in political shenanigans concealed by press releases and pretty speeches. And we donít want a world where Radiman and Ross are the very best of chums, because thatís not what freedom, liberty, and politics is all about.

Ramos Kawamoto, Editor-in-Chief