Anarchy Online - Legacy of The Xan

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Explore two enormous new adventure areas, and discover a new central hub the hidden-away city of the Xan civilization!
Throw yourself into two new team instanced encounters, and face the challenges of a final twelve player raid encounter!
Progress through hundreds of new solo and team missions and seek to uncover the truth in the complex Dust Brigade and Alien Invasion storylines!
New powerful symbiants, spirits, and deck items - enabling you to boost your character to new heights!

Legacy of the Xan introduces hours of more content for all experienced Anarchy Online players. Discover the secrets of the mysterious Xan civilization as you progress through hundreds of new missions, and explore all new adventure areas on planet Rubi-Ka! Tons of new items, powers and artifacts are there for the taking will you chase them?

Anarchy Online: Legacy of the Xan launched on February 19th 2009. Current players can choose to upgrade to the booster pack, and new players can purchase an all-in-one pack that contains all boosters and expansions released to date including Legacy of the Xan!

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